Internal Auditing

An Advanced, Insider’s Process Auditing Course for Vessel Operators

This online, student-paced course provides maritime professionals with the knowledge and practical advice to get the most value from internal audits. Unlike other internal auditor training, this course makes plain the value of focusing on process improvement as the central pillar to successful internal audits.


  • Efficient -- the course may be completed in just 3-5 hours by most students.
  • Cost-effective – the course is competitively offered at just $199.00.
  • Available – the course runs 24/7 and allows students to resume rather than redo training if interrupted for any reason.

Prior Knowledge

This course has no prerequisites though it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the ISM Code, ISO 9001 or other management system standards affecting the maritime industry. Anyone who’s charged with implementing, auditing, and/or improving an organization’s management system should attend.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Processes and Why Process Auditing Matters
  • Audit Planning and Preparation
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Audit Closure and Reporting

Course Endorsement

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Successful course completion is recorded within a training credential endorsed by SMSLLC and its parent organization, ClassNK. The course is geared towards shore-based and onboard vessel operations personnel who may be tasked to perform internal audits, implement management system requirements, or assist to identify opportunities for improvement.



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